Formation of the Constructors

“Three asleep, the Gate, three awake – these seven are the seven potencies which, separated and now conscious of one another, bring into perceptible existence the servants, the constructors of creation.”
Book of Jubilee, Chapter 2

Here is one arrangement of the seven potencies or pillars of the Temple: the three awake standing opposite the three asleep, with the Gate in the centre.

cons3The motion of the three forces, the affirming, denying and unifying, create six swirlings in the spaces between the pillars.

cons5Each of the swirlings is made by the three forces in a different order. Each swirling starts with a force that flows around the edge of the Temple, from one pillar to the one next to it, from one awake to one asleep. The middle force flows into the centre, from the one asleep to the gate, and the final force flows out again, from the gate to the one awake.

On this way the pattern is formed of the six constructors.

cons6The arrangements of the constructors are described in Chapter 3. The first one is formed from the unifying, denying and affirming mother in that order: UDA, and is called Creation. Next to it in the Temple is it’s mirror, where the order of forces is reversed: ADU, and this is called Expansion. The order of the constructors follows around the Temple:

UDA – Creation
DUA – Transformation
AUD – Reception
UAD – Contraction
DAU – Repetition
ADU – Expansion


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