About the Book

“This book represents a significant milestone in esoteric literature. The Book of Jubilee is not directed towards the ordinary associating mind with its underlying predilection to seek out personal meaning. This book is written in the language of the Abstract, that part of mind that lies behind all formulations. This piece of literature is, to use a well worn cliche, well ahead of its time. However as the age represented by the astrological sign of Aquarius begins to takes root in the world, this book, history will record was at the forefront of a new form of writing.”


“The Book of Jubilee is like a blueprint for creation. I have worked with it individually and in groups with the aim of developing a deeper level of thought and creativity in myself. I think it follows in the tradition of works such as Plato’s Timaeus, and the Kabbalistic SepherYetzirah, laying out a compelling creation myth based on principles that we see in the world around us. The book is very concise, and the contents need to be explored and elaborated by the reader. This is not just an intellectual process, and the body, heart and mind all have a role to play.”


The Book of Jubilee was originally published in 1984 by Cranswick Press, and the copyright is held by Saros with the following proviso: “Any portion of this work may be reproduced provided that Saros is acknowledged”.

A freely accessible electronic copy of The Book of Jubilee is available on Google Books

A copy of the text is available as part of this website, along with commentary from interested individuals.


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