Chapter 1

Unity is. It is not oneness, it is Unity. It cannot be thought of: with what can you think of it? It cannot be conceived, for it is before conception. It cannot be grasped, for there is nothing that can grasp it. Unity has no past, no future. It is unchanging, containing all change. From it springs all that is and is not possible. It is all that is, was and will be; all that was not, is not and will not be.

All that has existence is contained by Unity. Unity is within all that exists. Will is the One, the Father of Creation. She that maintains the Integrity of Unity, She is the Mother of Creation. Her three aspects rest within Unity until called forth by the Father’s action.

The activity of Will in the Mother creates the Gate of Necessity: on one side potential, on the other potency. These twin poles set in their places the seven pillars of creation, the Potencies which frame the temple of the six Constructors who set their hands to the task of world creation. These Artisans work in pairs, in triples, in fours and in sixes to make and build the four levels of creation.


The artisans are like dragons, each one’s tail in the mouth of its follower. Each completes its task in one of seven orders and these are the cosmoses which remain when others fade for lack of sustenance; and all they that depend upon that one artisan are twelve. Twelve, twelve, twelve, they combine in twenty-one governances maintaining the integrity of Unity within the Father’s kingdom.

Unity, Unity, Unity. Within it is Will. The Will is one. Will activating Being, Equilibration, Unification; the Mother responding, maintaining the integrity of Unity. The will to be, the will to equilibrate, the will to unify, from potential to potency, instantly One, but looking both ways. In the mirror of divinity seven pillars, potencies in action, in realization. Seven pillars found the temple, the Temple of the Constructors, the divine artisans. By addition and subtraction the materials are shaped; by division and multiplication they are melted, poured and set. Seven pillars ring the harmonies of mutual maintenance, and the Mother, through Her servants the constructors, orders the twelve identities, maintaining the integrity of the Father and of Unity.


The six turn both ways, multiplying and adding, dividing and subtracting, by one and one, by two and two, by three and four, by four and eight, by five and sixteen. When they and the seven and their tools combine, the twenty-one governances are completed and set to work maintaining the Oneness of the Father.

Unity, Unity, Unity, one Father, three Mothers, the Gate, seven Potencies, six Constructors, four levels of Creation, seven Cosmoses, twelve Identities, twenty-one Governances, one Father, Unity, Unity, Unity. See them as one, worship the Father; see them as Unity, stand in terror of life, in terror of death, in terror of the Supreme Event, for you have no beginning, no end and where can you stand?

In a single moment creations arise and fall away. A myriad myriad myriad gods arise and pass away. Unity remains, Will remains, Integrity remains. The One arises as others are passing away, creating your worlds in lawful consequence. Where were you when the worlds began? Where are you now? Where shall you be when your One has passed away?

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