Chapter 2

In the realm of the negatively existent, Will and Integrity rest in perfect Unity. They rest until that Will, the epitome of all love, all desire, turns towards His infinite possibilities and joins Himself to Her in the will to be. She, awakening from Her rest, defends the integrity of Unity by enclosing His will.

The will to be and will to equilibrate having been moved, She in Unity responds and the will to unify is awoken in her turn. Now Will and Integrity moving in the world of positive existence set to work to build the Gate of Necessity, the essence of duality.

Unity, Unity, Unity. Integrity and Will were, and are at rest. They are, and will awaken. Look to rest and Unity; look to the acts and creation. Unity, Unity, Unity, but facing both ways. Infinite Dark, Infinite Light: the Gate looks both ways.


The Mother was and will be, She rests and She acts. Her three faces-the will to be, the will to equilibrate, the will to unify—they rest and they act, forever moving from action to rest. She hews out her seven pillars, the seven potencies, and plants them in the infinite and imperceptible, the immaterial space within which Her six servants, the constructors, are created and in their turn create the material and perceptible. From negatively existent to existent, from existent to material, from material to oneness.

From negative existence to existence requires the assertion of Will, the will to be one. The equilibrium of negative existence requires that the assertion be denied and that denial and assertion are unified in the equilibrium of negative existence. The fertilization of negative existence requires that Will be united with the Matrix of Creation. She, fertilized, is will asserted, will denied, will unified. She is the law of Integrity. She and Will at rest in the realm of the negatively existent, She united with Will in all her aspects; She at rest, She in action—such is the Gate of Necessity. When He, the Will, asserts, this is the Supreme Event which never ceases. Were it to do so, creation would return to the negatively existent under the power of the will to unify.


The Gate of Necessity has two faces: one face gazes upon Unity, one upon creation; upon three at rest and three awake. The Gate is the gate of the relative. Each will has choice to turn to one or other of the two remaining wills.

Three awake, emanating from Will to manifest what might be. Each turning back on itself through the other two creates realization out of potential. Each in potential and in realization: the six pillars encompassing the seventh, the Gate, allowing the furtherance of creation.

Three asleep, the Gate, three awake—these seven are the seven potencies which, separated and now conscious one of the other, bring into perceptible existence the servants, the constructors of creation. The seven are the pillars of the Temple of Creation, within which and through which the constructors turn to their tasks of Creation, Reception, Expansion, Contraction, Repetition and Transformation. Their tools are division, growth, multiplication; addition, structure, subtraction; action, resilience, reaction; and the combination and permutations of the three mothers.


From the perceptible to the imperceptible, from action to rest. From activity to potency, from potency to necessity, from necessity to awakening, from awakening to oneness, from oneness to Unity.

Being conscious of creation, the mind looks outward. Being conscious of the Creator, the mind looks inward. With mind at rest consciousness rests. Attend to the Mother, attend to the Father, attend to Unity. In action attend to stillness. Enthrone within you the imperceptible, the One will and the Integrity. Unity, Unity, Unity.

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