Chapter 6

The laws of the perceptible are the laws of division and multiplication, addition and subtraction, elasticity and rhythm, and the laws which bind and maintain the integrity of the existent. From the Gate of Necessity arises the law of division and multiplication; from the constructors arise the laws of rhythm and addition; from the mothers arises the law of maintenance of integrity.

When the constructors set to their labour each has a beginning, a middle and an end, and these places are filled by the mothers. Each constructor’s end may be the beginning of two other constructors and they in their turn give rise to two others. Six constructors, each different, require sixty-four choices to return to their beginning. Three out of the sixty-four return to their beginning and bind the fourth world together.


But each constructor is succeeded either by its mirror or by its mirror’s opposite. The mirror is succeeded by only one choice: for it returns to its origin, and only gives rise to the first constructor’s opposite; the other proceeds to split into its mirror and its mirror’s opposite. This lays down the possibility within the sixty-four choices of pyramids of addition, the twenty-one. A pyramid is built by one constructor, and two, three, four, five and six constructors all arising from the first, and containing all the four worlds and the seven cosmoses.


In a square of sixty-four constructors the first row is set by any constructor, its mirror, its mirror’s follower, the follower’s mirror, and so on to eight constructors. The first column is built by the constructor, its follower, and the followers of the follower, until eight constructors have been filled. The second column is filled by the mirrors of the first column; the third, fifth and seventh are followers, the second, fourth, sixth and eighth are mirrors of the followers. The columns descend, ascend, ascend, descend, descend, ascend, ascend, descend, and each constructor in the column is a follower of the one before.

Six constructors, six pyramids. In the first column three descending; in the third column three ascending. Six pyramids of addition by which the world is constructed in substance and shape. Sixty-four choices by which the world may grow and change. Twenty-four octaves that mutually maintain and separate: twenty-four in appearance, but in reality only six. For each pyramid three cosmoses of the fourth world: three cosmoses, not eighteen; twelve mothers in each cosmos. Twelve images of creation by which integrity is maintained.


Where there is growth of being, the sixty-four choices are limited, for the choices which mirror themselves return to the previous state, building the pattern of life-one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one—restricting the sixty-four of multiplication to the twenty-one of growth.

The Gate of Duality, seven potencies, six constructors, four worlds, seven cosmoses, twelve images of creation, twenty-one governances, sixty-four appearances, but only three mothers and one Will; and all are Unity in perceptible existence, and perceptible existence is not eternal, not impermanent, and not void of content.

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