Chapter 7

In the Mother the possibilities of creation are tested for integrity. She dresses herself in them and fits them with the colours of identity. The Father’s myriad possibilities are harmonized with that which has gone before, by addition, by extension, by resonance, by order and hierarchy, and each achieves its place within creation. By constant change She maintains the fabric within the seeming void of Unity. Through her servants, the constructors, She dances out the possible creations of the Father and tests them for conformity and economy.


The Gate of Necessity brings about consciousness. She, through the laws of creation, brings into being mind, mind that balances, orders and governs the constructors, the cosmoses and the identities, imposing upon the infinite the twenty-one governances. Mind clothes in structure, casts in category, names and identifies the manifestations of His oneness.

Through the laws of triplicity, sixness and twelve-ness, the twenty-one maintain the order of things. Through the three octaves, She ensures that change is absorbed and fitted without breaking the forms. Through the laws of harmony and counterpoint, dissonance and assonance, the resilience of creation is preserved. Through resonance, the economy of creation is kept, holding one form by the energy of another. Through the law of growth-one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen and twenty-one-the six constructors uphold the worlds. With every breath of Him, creation expands, time expands, and the Supreme Event maintains its immanence, as one adds to two, to three, to four, to five, to six, to form in yet another way the twenty-one. In the three cosmoses of this world seven cosmoses are hidden and the twenty-one governances of mind carry out their duties through yet another mystery.


Mind by its own laws attempts to maintain the integrity of its own being. Being evolves to manifest its infinite possibilities; mind maintains the integrity of its perceptible existence. Each existence maintains itself against its neighbour and, through the twenty-one governances, finds a place within creation. Maintaining the integrity of existence, Being grows by dividing itself, even unto the smallest of times and the smallest of places, even unto the Gate of Necessity, until it roots itself within the perceptible.

Through the octave, the ancient mothers balance and enable change to take place; affirming His oneness through structure, She holds creation in perceptible being; denying change through law which is void of form, She maintains her own mystery lest His Oneness be corrupted and His creation dissolve into the seeming void of Unity in which it exists.

How shall you see the laws by which the worlds are held in being? With mind how can you comprehend consciousness? How, standing alone, perceive and affirm Unity in all that mind perceives? Where is your identity when the oneness in you has passed on? Know, understand, be wise, be merciful in judgement, perceive the beauty of creation through the oneness in you, and hope that She maintains you in your integrity.


If you would see the imperceptible, seek first the perceptible. She has placed before you the evidence of Her royalty, She has shown you Her laws, She has danced Her dances, loved you, punished you, nurtured you, She has formed within you both Herself and the Father in properly constituted form through the twenty-one governances.

She has set before you Her treasure-house of images. Do not lose yourself in Her garments, in Her beauty, in Her terrible majesty. Seek Unity within, seek Unity without. She maintains His oneness in Unity. Unity, Unity, Unity.

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