Chapter 8


In that first breath the Supreme Event, when He arises and joins with the Mother—that event that has no perceptible beginning and no end, no time, no space, that is now arising-creation is set in motion.

He is the Will; She preserves the forms. He plays the tunes of change upon the strings of the constructors. With each beginning that He wills, they dance and change their partners and in that change the new arises. She, denying the new, places upon each change the change that holds its form, that it shall repeat and lose the new and hold the old.

He is prolific, She economical. Six are her servants; She uses them all and twelve are the patterns of their forms. One, the pattern of the potencies, sets the frame for all the rest. Four change through change to other forms and set the pattern of the worlds. Seven are they which change but hold within their form the change which does not change their form, but sets the type to which the cosmoses conform.


Everything perceptible has identity; each is different, its difference maintaining the integrity of its being. Each is one, the oneness of the Father veiled in the garments of the Mother. Whatsoever may be perceived is perceived as one. Endless are the changes from which the cosmoses and the worlds arise; endless are the changes from which no cosmos or world may arise: such worlds cannot conform and so are not preserved by Her. Yet they exist in Him.

Seek the eternal, seek permanence, seek the Mother. Seek endless change, seek impermanence, seek the Father, the One. Seek not either, seek the silence behind the sound, seek the darkness behind the light, seek void, seek to end existence. These three bind consciousness to form.

Seek none of these, affirm Unity within, Unity without. It is not mocked, it is not broken, does and does not exist, has no qualities, no time or space, no substance. Affirm Unity.

Unity, Unity, Unity.


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