Chapter 4

Father, Mother, Constructors, Identities. Out of the Will, three Mothers; out of the three Mothers, six constructors; out of the six interlocking constructors, twelve identities, self-conscious, relative viewpoints, the parade of changing faces in all creation. Unity is all and nothing, but being is apparent multiplicity: such is the Will of Unity. The patterns of multiplicity are the field of Unity. The mothers eternally preserve the integrity of Unity, the constructors define its balance, the identities are the forms of being: all are but signposts of Unity.


In all that is consequent on the Father’s Will, the three Great Mothers perform their functions: the Bright Fertile Mother, the Dark Sterile Mother, and the Comforter—affirming, denying and unifying, maintaining the integrity of creation that the Father’s Will be made manifest throughout His creation. Know the Mother: see the Father.

The Bright turns to Dark and Comfort, or to Comfort and Dark; the Dark to Bright and Comfort, or to Comfort and Bright; the Comforter to Bright and Dark, or to Dark and Bright. These are the laws of the six who before they set to their labours are seated upon their thrones around the Gate of Necessity in the temple of the seven potencies; the six who create the worlds and maintain Integrity when the worlds are made. Know the Constructors: see the Mother.


The laws of the six govern the outcome of their dance. Six dancers dance in a ring six times five times four times three times two dances: 720 dances, each complete, but where do you start? 120 dances, each complete, but in which direction do you turn? Sixty dances, each complete, but only twelve patterns. One dance with twelve directions, six with six, three with three, one with two directions, and one dance which is the dance of the Ruler, the dance of the constructors in the temple. Twelve views: one Ruler which sees all the others as they are; seven which see themselves as Rulers; four which see themselves in others. Twelve tribes, twelve Apostles, twelve signs. Know the identities: see the constructors.

The twelve patterns are the sigils, the seeds of identity, the viewpoints of perceivers. Ruler, Interpreter, Teacher, Trader, Collector, Lawgiver, Explorer, Gardener, Builder, Protector, Artist, Healer -but the names are only a part of them, just as one name may belong to many people. Be wary of calling them truth, for to the Ruler the Teacher is a Teacher, but the Teacher sees himself as Ruler and the Interpreter as a Healer, and there are 3,600 of them, a S A R O S of images. Learn from this that each perceives himself as Ruler but perceives others in no way as they perceive themselves. Only the Ruler itself sees things as they are and even this is dependent on the order in which it regards the six constructors that form it.


But the Mother by the twelve sigils maintains the integrity of our worlds. She marshals the constructors in patterns of six, one pattern leading on to the next by the changing over of two constructors, so that all twelve patterns follow one another to form a self-conforming world, the world of septors, within which the faces of the sigils change from one to another in lawful consequence.


You who see the twelve in all you do are carrying out the creation. You who see others as twelve, know that you are subject to the law of the Mother. You who love the seven, you who love the four, you who love the three, you are the tools of creation: mind in you is working out the law of the Mother. Without the three, the six and the twelve, mind could not establish rulership, could not create new forms to clothe experience, could not inform the Will of the Father according to His oneness.

Believe in twelve, lose yourself in the world of phenomena and forget the six, forget the three, forget the One, forget Unity. Stand aside, affirming Unity, enjoy the play, and see the Twelve, the Six, the Three, the One and Unity. Enjoy the play within the play; play the game without becoming the game. If you think you are the Ruler, then the twelve have dominion, but if you remember that this is the twelve speaking, you leave the door open for the Father and the Mother to show you their unity.


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